One Life to Life

From Alexis Madrigal’s column on the facebook IPO:

Facebook is not exactly known as a sanctuary of privacy. Their business, after all, is selling you ads based on what you say and do. Insofar as you life on Facebook, you live a perfectly observed and recorded life. So I was shocked when I took a look at a recent paper by two scholars in the North Carolina Law Review arguing that Facebook should actually be seen as a model for privacy. Hear this out, though. It’s interesting.


Gone with the Win

Gone with the Win

Run on, Assad, Run on

Someone dropped a comma in this sentence from a TIME story on Syria:

In truth, Gaddafi did critical damage to his own cause a mistake from which Assad seems to have learned.

Array of Sunshine

From a reason magazine article by Anthony Randazzo:

Under a revised White House program, second homes—whether owned as a rental property investment, as a vacation home, or just as an extra mortgage from a house-flipping project gone array—are now eligible for taxpayer subsidies to reduce the principal on the underlying mortgage.

Here Comes the Prolice

In a story on Internet security from America’s Newspaper:

The Secret Service on Wednesday assigned protection to Mitt Romney, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Republican contender Herman Cain, who has dropped out of the race, had also received federal potection.

Indefinite Detention

From Vanity Fair’s story about airport security:

[B]ruce Schneier’s exasperation is informed by his job-related need to spend a lot of time in Airportland. He has 10 million frequent-flier miles and takes about 170 flights a year; his average speed, he has calculated, is 32 miles and hour.

Maybe the author should have said “per hour”. At least that way it would have generated a more amusing typo. Perp, Perd, Pert, Perk, the possibilities are endless.

All The Typos That’re Fit to Post

So small you can't even fit the 'er' in the description